Every perfect summer’s eating me alive

Today will catch you up on some outfits from last week, since I didn’t get around to posting them.  Work has been a little crazy, and I spent my three-day weekend doing exactly nothing.  (I mean, I did some laundry.  I cooked some food.  I did the dishes once we ran out of coffee mugs.  I played World of Warcraft.  But you know, I didn’t really leave the house.)  I’m not sure if I’m coming down with an illness, or if I’m just stressed, or depressed, or all of the above.  But my pain level has been creeping up, my energy level has been creeping down, and basically, I just want to go to bed at 6 pm.

I’ve been trying CBD oil to help with the pain, but I am not sure if it is or not.  However, if you live in this shithole state, please vote yes on SQ 788.  Seriously.  This stuff tastes like a sweaty hippie nutsack.  It’s awful.  I knew I should have ordered the flavored kind, but the people who recommended it said “oh, it’s not that bad.”  They were lying liars. It is too that bad.  I tried vaping it, and that really wasn’t much better – it was like smoking weed but not getting high.  My neighbor has some CBD cream she’s been using, and it actually smells nice…like back when Bath & Body Works had scents besides Nursing Home Path and Japanese Walmart Bathroom Blossom, but not during that time period when everything smelled like lemongrass and unwashed yoga mat.  Listen, Bath & Body Works.  I realize that those of us who shopped there when you were shiny and new and full of gingham checks are older now, but that doesn’t mean we want to SMELL old.  I grant you, I grew tired of Sun-Ripened Raspberry everything.  But there were plenty of less cloying scents (Seaspray and Flowering Herbs and Winter Festival) that I still wish to purchase.  I only like Cherry Blossom (the ORIGINAL one) and Freesia at present.  Sparkling Limoncello is also okay, even though it smells kinda like lemon frosting.  But all those are only available online, which means you’re thinking about making them go away.

Don’t do this to me, I’ve had enough disappointment in my life.

Where was I?  Oh yes.  Tired.  Hurting. Depressed.

Today I wore something I already posted, so you’re not missing much.

Last week, I was on a Hot Topic kick.  I don’t even really own that much stuff from Hot Topic.  However, they sometimes have some cuter pop-culture stuff than Torrid (and they’re owned by the same company), and they sometimes have good sales.  (Not as often as Torrid does, though.)

I don’t remember which day was which, so I’m just gonna post them.


I wanna say this was Thursday.  But who knows?  Hot Topic doesn’t have this exact dress, but they have several in similar styles.  Oh wait, I lied. They do have this dress, but only in sizes 0 and 1.  This is a 5 – it runs a little small compared to most of Torrid’s stuff.  This is a brand called “Midnight Hour.”  I have no idea if it’s exclusive to them, but I doubt it.

Since we’re going with the brand, the shirt in the post below is also a 5, and also Midnight Hour brand:

The shirt is this one.  I’m not sure if the color is because it was bright sunlight or if I hit a button on the camera.  With me, anything is possible.  Underneath is a jumpsuit from Torrid.  They do not have this one at present, but they have several other choices.

The tee is tied up with a ponytail holder and tucked under.  It looked all frumpy without doing something to adjust where the bottom hit.   Regardless, this outfit was comfy, and both pieces seem to hold up to wash on delicate/line dry.

I think this is the last one I haven’t posted:


You’ve seen the overalls a hundred times (and you’ll keep seeing them, because they’re my faaaavorite).  The shirt is from Hot Topic (size 4).  I also noticed, after I got home and looked at the pics, that I had my current favorite pen sticking out of the pocket.  The pocket is also the perfect size for my phone.  I had to wear my doctor clogs so my pants wouldn’t drag on the ground.  I will have to find a solution to this problem, as I don’t like wearing real shoes in hot weather.  In fact, that’s about the only GOOD thing about hot weather:  I can leave all my stupid, annoying, shoe-crawling socks in the drawer.

They do have sandals with soles like the clogs.  I might purchase some & make sure they have free returns….I haven’t had very good luck with Dansko sandals.  Shoes, yes.  Sandals – they either don’t stay on my feet or they give me blisters.  Or both.  Birkenstock makes platforms, but they of course only believe people with NARROW feet need them.

And that was another thing that made me upset today:  a comment on Zappos about Birkenstocks, and how the regular width was just SO HUGE compared to NORMAL feet.

I know that I shouldn’t get butthurt about comments on the internet, especially if they’re not directed at me personally.  But when I’m already feeling down on myself and everything else, a reminder that I apparently have giant, abnormal feet is just not going to make me feel better.

I did, however, feel like I achieved a victory in not ordering Insomnia Cookies for dinner.  (You know these bitches will make a killing if SQ 788 passes.)

8 thoughts on “Every perfect summer’s eating me alive

  1. A paleo lady I follow on FB broke her finger and posted about this CBD cream she is using for the pain. She said it has helped a ton. I haven’t used it myself, but I thought I would show you just in case. https://upstateelevator.com/products/500mg-super-rich-body-creme
    We are trying to hunt down a local CBD honey vendor because the honey helps relieve my back and shoulder pain.

    I am so tempted to get that dress and shirt. That dress is like Sith Lord awesomeness. I could probably get away with a 5 and have some wiggle room? 4 may be too clingy? I really love that dress on you. I wish that colorful version was still in my size. 🙂


  2. Me, too! I have large-size feet! Haven’t been measured lately, but I used to be straight size 11 medium, but I got bigger, the feet may have flattened out a bit, so I order size 12 . . . These Skechers platform sandals come in wide, as well. You can tell my size 12 feet in this recent photo:


    1. I had a pair with these exact soles, just a different top (more of a stretchy woven Mary Jane with an open toe) – they were comfortable, but the wedges made me feel unstable. With my back being all twisted, I want to keep my feet close to the ground as much as possible. Which sucks, because I’ve seen some really cute shoes.


  3. Those are more comfortable, to me, than my flat Skechers GoWalk! When I put them on out of the box, I wanted to work out in them! My friend wore them straight out of the box all day, and didn’t want to take them off when she got home, because they are so comfortable. But I don’t know about the other styles. Plus, they’re suede, not synthetic upper, so they give a little . . . They’re for me.

    Sorry of your back troubles. You posted a photo earlier of a platform shoe which has been discontinued, which you are looking for, so I thought a wedge sandal might be okay!

    Have you heard of Teresa Tapp? She invented T-Tapp. She has 3 fused vertabrae, and scoliosis. Let me see if I can find the story on archive.org . . . Okay. I found it:


    It’s gold. The exercises are gold, especially this one: https://web.archive.org/web/20031213032528/http://www.t-tapp.com:80/articles/backpain/page3.asp which, you can’t injure yourself, because you are lying on your back, with your butt tucked. That is, I don’t do these, but I have been t-tapping some 14 years, since I did rehab from an auto accident. You can phone them, too, and ask if those exercises are okay. The links are after the article I linked to.

    To survive, I had to memorize T-Tapp Beginner Rehab, because I wore out more than one video instructional and workout, and then the DVDs. That is what I am doing as a boot camp right now, Beginner Rehab from memory. It takes 53 minutes.


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