But the words won’t come out

I’ve had some writer’s block, I guess.  I’ve been posting my outfits on Instagram, but haven’t updated the blog.  I have things kicking around in my head, but they’re not really….coalescing.  Nevertheless, I’m going to at least get caught up with outfit details & hope that the act of writing SOMETHING down clears out the cobwebs.

I have no exact memory of exactly which days I wore what.  There’s definitely the “before I got bored and dyed my hair” and “after,” but beyond that, ugh.

So without further ado:

Dress is Daily Ritual from Amazon. Sized up to a 6x, mostly because I feared the cling.  It’s too big, but the one-shoulder top I got on clearance from ASOS (no longer available – had to stalk it) balances it.  Shoes are Crocs that they really need to make again.

The niece and nephew needed tie-dye for some event at school.  Of course there was a lot of leftover dye, so I made this shirt.  (It’s a cheap Just My Size tee from Walmart).  Shorts are from Torrid last season – the cuffs aren’t staying put EVEN THOUGH I IRONED THEM.  Shoes are Keds.

Curvy Sense finally restocked the crochet top in black.  They also appear to have yellow, blue, and red at present.  This is a 3x. I wish they went to a 4x.  I also wish it did not snag on literally everything.  I had to hold my purse at arm’s length after it got stuck on the shirt when I was getting in the car.  I had to take it off, untangle the purse, and put it back on.  Jeans are from Torrid.  Sandals are Birkenstocks.

This was a Friday outfit, I think.  Overalls-vintage from the Store That Is Dead to Me, Keds, t-shirt from Target, Zooey the cat being impatient and needing her snuggle NOW. NO PICTURES ONLY ZOOL.

I believe this was the Monday after I dyed my hair.  Shirt & jeans from Torrid, shoes from Crocs, blah blah blah.  These are the Lean Jeans, I think.  I haven’t seen these on Torrid’s site lately.  If they bring them back, and you’re one of those with a midsection donut, size up or wear a baggy shirt.  Also, one of the pockets on this pair is coming loose.

Dress is from SWAK Designs, size 3x.  This is the short-sleeved version of the Isabella Swing Dress.  The 3/4 sleeve in current rotation runs bigger, at least in the shoulders and sleeves.  The shorts underneath were necessary.  Luckily, they’re from Amazon and they’re cheap.  These are a 3x.  They’re a little longer than I like, but better safe than flashing your ass at everyone.


I seem to have neglected to get a shot of the back, but I wear these jeans every day, so I think you’ve seen it before.  Tee is from Torrid and is a 4.  Currently still available in 1-4.  This one’s a little more fitted than some of their shirts.  Their tees are all over the place lately.  No one has time for that.  Jeans, also Torrid, would link but they keep changing the descriptions and I don’t know exactly WHICH pair they are.  Boyfriend. Medium wash.  Birkenstocks on the feets.

Another day, another black t-shirt and jeans.  This shirt is from Hips & Curves, jeans are blingy from Torrid (the label says “dry clean only.” FUUUUUUUCK you.  They respond fine to wash on cold & line dry & fluff up in the dryer.  I don’t even want to dry-clean dressy clothes, and you think I’mma ass up and dry clean jeans? Lol no).  Shoes are Birkenstocks.


We’re not totally caught up, but I want to get this shit posted before I go to work.  This is the Geneva dress from Universal Standard in a 2xl.  Shoes: Birkenstocks.  Necklace: some random crap I bought on Amazon.

I’m hoping this information-only post will prime the pump and turn the jumbled mess in my head to something resembling order, or at least a stream of consciousness that makes sense.

Happy Monday.

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