WTF Wednesday: Maxi Rompers

Greetings, and welcome to another edition of WTF Wednesday. As I was surfing Memorial Day sales, I noticed a disturbing trend: the Maxi Romper. At first, I thought “isn’t that called a jumpsuit?” But alas, no. It’s a romper with a long skirt.


Rompers are not the devil, unless they have the kind of fastenings that are difficult to navigate when you’re about to pee your pants. Maxi skirts are wonderful things. But this “trend” combines the worst of both: hard to navigate. Still may feel obligation to shave legs. Tend to be made out of either very delicate snaggy material or something that has to be ironed. Shorts are of type that will ride up between your thighs. If you want the comfort of shorts, JUST WEAR BIKE SHORTS UNDER YOUR SKIRT. Two pieces. Ease of peeing. Can select sheer skirt without fear of flashing goodies. Win/win.

But no.


We’ll start with this bullshit.

maxiromper torrid

If it were a romper OR a dress, I would consider.  But as is?  I don’t think so.  Also, this is that stupid rayon challis fabric that requires ironing and/or dry cleaning, and why didn’t we leave this in the 90’s where it belongs?

Or there’s this “edgier” version.

hottopic romper


Will snag on everything; is probably way too long for you if you have to wear 5″ platform boots and it still drags the ground; I don’t see pockets.  Nothing here that could not be accomplished much more effectively with separates.

Now we’ve done full length PANTS with a skirt.


Have you people lost your minds?  Why would you want impossible to remove, drag on the bathroom floor, dry clean only madness in your life?  It makes me claustrophobic even thinking about wearing this.

They’re calling this a skort but it looks more like a maxi romper to me…


This kind of looks like a bathing suit coverup with a built-in bathing suit.

If this were a dress, I would buy it once it went on clearance.


I would want to buy it anyway, but $200 for something that’s not really practical for my life is probably a bad financial decision.  This reminds me of when Universal Standard released the Adda Tunic…the picture made it look like it was a dress, and I wanted it, but then I realized – no.  The underneath part is CULOTTES that are a really awkward length:


I knew I should have bought the dress at Avenue that looked like this, only it was a dress and was one piece and it didn’t have any dumb shorts or culottes underneath.

I’m still stalking it on eBay and Poshmark.


One thought on “WTF Wednesday: Maxi Rompers

  1. UGH, who wants to fight to pee? The pants thing is so bizarre to me. Like really, HOW are you peeing? I think it would be interesting to wear to a fancy dinner thing where maybe you were gone for a few hours and don’t need to pee in that amount of time. Otherwise, no.


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