WTF Wednesday: It Was All Yellow

I know it’s not Wednesday.  I’m not completely out of touch with reality.  But this week has been very busy at work, and yesterday after sitting through a 2-hour family law trial prep session, the only WTF I could come up with is “why do people even get married?”

This week’s WTF-ery may be somewhat unpopular. I know some people LIKE yellow.  It’s fine for like, flowers. Or fruits.  Or even vegetables.  But as a clothing color, I am not a fan.  Most people do not look good in the marigold yellow that is currently everywhere.  I am over it.

Like this shirt.


First, this style of shirt really is not my favorite, but it works well for some people. I don’t love roll-tab sleeves, and I don’t love flappy pockets.  But what really kills me here is this color.

This looks like something from 1985 and not in a good way.


I knew The Store That Is Dead to Me wouldn’t let me down when it came to fugly.  It’s yellow, it’s boxy, it’s a weird length, and it has giant armholes.

The “9-to-5” prop museum has been ROBBED.


Seriously? The cuffs. The collar. The bow. The polyester. The pleats.  *barf*

I’m not sure the sleeves are actually attached to the dress.



I don’t even know where to start with this ensemble.


First, I’m not the biggest fan of camo, and when you pair it with yellow? It’s like the fashion version of mustard gas.

There is no excuse for this.


Aren’t cargo pockets usually on the SIDES?

BEE very afraid.


She looks like she is very afraid of this awful shirt.  So am I.

I actually own this dress in other colors.

But not this one.  Never this one.

Last but not least…


Wrinkles. Ill fitting. Horrible poufy sleeves.

And it’s yellow.


2 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: It Was All Yellow

  1. Yellow does look good on some people, but not me. I am unsure how designers get some of their designs into the stores. Who buys some of this stuff?


  2. I don’t know that I have ever met a yellow that looked great on me. We totally talked about this recently so I won’t go over the same things. I think that crop top/skirt outfit would be cute without the cargo pockets. So MUCH yellow!


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