I love the past ‘cuz I hate suspense

Daylight savings is bullshit, at least this “spring forward” part.  If I wanted to spring, I would get a pogo stick.

So here lately, I’ve been very into overalls.  I’m not sure if I’m attempting to be trendy or if I’m attempting to relive my misspent youth.  Regardless, I now own a couple of pairs.  Bonuses:  (1) pockets; (2) cover fat roll in midsection.  I mean, it’s obviously still there, but at least there’s another layer of fabric and it isn’t shapewear.  And today, I just wasn’t feeling like putting on a dress, or trying very hard, or really like going to work at all.


At any rate, on to the photographs:


(To the front, to the front)


(To the butt, to the butt)


(Now Dip, Baby, Dip)

These particular overalls are from Torrid, and are dubbed “Cropped Light Wash Overalls.”  I was going to link them, but they’ve already sold out twice.  I’m wearing these in a 26, which is fine, but I should have gone with my original impulse and sized up, because these are almost too short in the torso.  I guess the more fitted look makes them “modern” and the “cropped silhouette elongates your legs.”  *record scratch* What?  It makes me look like Stumpy McStumperson.  I probably would have rolled the cuff down, but I didn’t have time to iron the crease out and/or wet it down and stick it in the dryer before work.  I therefore decided to show off my favorite badass bitch boots.  They’re Dr. Martens “Daria.”  Of course, this style also sold out pretty quickly.  However, these are the closest available option.  My turtleneck is an ASOS Curve basic that they didn’t restock this year because they suck.  Fortunately, I followed my own fashion rule and bought multiple ones when they had them…I have like 4 black, a purple, a stripe, and a charcoal (all US 24).  They are great for turning summer items into winter items – toss one on under a dress and slap on some leggings, and suddenly, you’re seasonally appropriate.  Unless you live in this shithole, in which case you might be dying of heatstroke by lunchtime.

The jacket is another Torrid find, in a 4.  I wasn’t going to buy it.  But then clearance was BOGO, and it’s FLIP SEQUINS.  FLIPPITY FLIP FLIP.  I was really holding out for the green mermaid ones, but noooo.  They have some mermaid hot pants at Hot Topic right now, but oh how I wish I had a jacket that matches, Freddy My Love, Freddy My Lo-ove.

My current actual favorite overalls I got on eBay, and they’re from Lane Bryant (I am not sure exactly how old they are, but I’m guessing ~15 years? That’s the last time I remember seeing any, at least any that were 90’s style and not those horrible things that are more like suspenders.)  They’ll be featured very soon, I’m sure, seeing as how I don’t even want to wear real pants anymore.  I made an effort last week, but I don’t know about this week.  This week may feature overalls, overalls, and perhaps a nice stretchy knit dress.

Finally, a little talk about my necklace.  I’m not the world’s biggest accessorizer.  When I’m in the middle of stuff at work, I don’t have time to be dealing with a bracelet that affects my typing ability or earrings that itch or a big necklace that smacks into my desk every time I lean over to read something.  Therefore, the pieces I wear regularly are ones that mean something to me personally.


This necklace is a serotonin micrograph, enlarged.  I have suffered from major clinical depression since forever.   My serotonin levels are fucked.  While not everyone knows what this is, and most people just think it’s a silly red rock, to me it’s a reminder that sometimes, I’m doing the best I can…even if that may not be everyone else’s definition.

Even if it may not be mine.


2 thoughts on “I love the past ‘cuz I hate suspense

  1. That necklace is beautiful! And what a creative way to wear something so meaningful. I love it.
    I do like these overalls and I love your 90s styling of it. I see what you are saying about the torso, though I think, in my head, all overalls are short torsoed like that.
    I’m still willing to try them on. Obviously, I LOVE the jacket with it. This is such a fun look. And those boots!! I’ve never been a Doc Martens girl like my sister, but I would totally wear these.


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