There’s bound to be a better ride than what you’ve got planned

I was going to post yesterday, but our apartment complex *finally* decided to replace our ancient, failing air conditioning unit.  It only took 11 months and so many shitty emails I lost count.  I believe it was the final email to corporate that did the trick.  My manager’s supervisor is apparently a stingy bitch, and she won’t forward things along if she doesn’t think we need them.

Tell you what, Cunty McToolface, why don’t YOU pay $400 a month in electric bills for an apartment that won’t get below 80 degrees on a cool day for three fucking months, and then tell me that it doesn’t need to be replaced?  And additionally have the audacity to suggest it’s our fault because “we turned it on when it was too cold outside?”

However, I believe the suggestion to corporate that they had been repeatedly notified of the problem is what did it.  “Notice” means something in the legal world, and if you give your landlord “notice” of a problem, and it’s something major that is necessary to keep the apartment habitable, and they don’t fix it within a certain amount of time, it can cost them money.

Anyway, I sent the shitty email on Thursday night.  Friday afternoon, someone was installing window units for the weekend.  Monday morning, the guy showed up with our new unit.  (Heh.  I said “unit.”)  Today, it is now icy cold, not noisy, and I can type around Zooey without cat hair sticking to my sweaty arms.  However, while the installation was in progress, the study was pretty much a pile of everything that was in Lendon’s closet, so it was somewhat difficult to get to the computer and I didn’t want to trip over something.  I was also sorta pissed off because the installer flipped several breakers to turn off the one that needed to be off – but he didn’t know which one actually turned off the AC, so the stove & refrigerator weren’t working and I was getting a little HANGRY.  (And also a little irritated because we just went to the stupid grocery store and I didn’t want all our food getting ruined.)

Everything is fixed now, I finally made dinner, there are leftovers for today because while I was WAITING I maybe ate a bag of Parmesan Goldfish.

It was also almost summer temperatures outside yesterday, so I decided to wear shorts.  I kinda ran the electric razor over my legs but it needs charging and I have not a clue where the charger is, but whatever.  I mostly mowed the winter growth a few weeks ago.


The shorts are from Torrid last season.  I didn’t buy them then, regretted it, and found a pair on Poshmark for $15.  They’re a 24 instead of my usual 26, so I elected to wear a looser-fitting shirt to make sure there was no visible muffin top.  The shorts are mostly okay, but there was a little button-pokiness.  Also, the patch sewn to the back pocket is actually sewn THROUGH the pocket, so the pocket is not fully usable.  At least these have somewhat reasonable front pockets, so you don’t have to put your phone in your back pocket.  (Plus, the other back pocket is fine.)

The shirt is still available in 00-4.  I am wearing a 4.  It fits like most of their regular t-shirts, but doesn’t run big like their button-front babydoll tops.  It is insanely soft and lightweight, and you’ll probably see a lot of it this summer because I am lazy.

Shoes are my red Keds, and socks are some random ones I bought on Amazon.  They’re men’s socks, and the outline is a little visible, but at least they stay put.  However, they have a tendency to disappear in the laundry, even if I *know* I put both of them in there.

Today, it was terribly windy, and it makes the dress I was wearing look clingy, even though it really isn’t when the wind isn’t molding it gently to all my fat rolls.


The dress is from some new brand on Amazon for Prime members called “Daily Ritual.”  I think that’s kind of a weird name….like, you would expect something less basic and with some more pentagrams…but maybe that’s just me.

I’m wearing this dress in gray in a 4x.  I originally ordered a 5x based on (a) measurements and (b) my lack of faith in the sizing of cheap clothes on Amazon, but it was significantly too big, so I exchanged it.  It is also available in non-plus sizes.  I’ve seen Erin the Edgy Chick wear a lot of things from this brand on Instagram (I think she’s the Amazon Whisperer), and she had good things to say.  I buy enough shit from Amazon that a $24 dress is really not going to affect much.  While I don’t totally love the length, it’s not quite to the frumpster territory.  It’s comfortable, the fabric is substantial, it seems decently made, and the armholes are the same size (proportionally) on a 4x as they are on the 1x and the small.

The overshirt is a lace top from Torrid I bought a couple of years ago on clearance.  This one is probably the closest thing they have right now.  It’s really hip-length, but I gathered it in the front, used a ponytail holder to make a small t-shirt bun, and tucked it under.  If this fanny pack trend continues, I’m going to resurrect the t-shirt clip.  At least that’s a USEFUL accessory.  In the meantime, I will just use ponytail holders.  (I also use them as scarf clips on thicker scarves, so I don’t have some giant awkward knot.  I tend to keep them on the scarves.  This generally means I have a ponytail holder when I need one, even if Amelia has disemboweled the ones I have carelessly left on the nightstand.)   I didn’t like how it looked when it was full length over the dress….that DID make it look frumpy.  I decided on a cat necklace and the shoes that were conveniently sitting next to the bed.

I knew that organization bullshit wouldn’t last long.

One thought on “There’s bound to be a better ride than what you’ve got planned

  1. I haven’t worn my LB unfinished hem shorts yet. I’m still debating on whether they look too wide on my legs or not. I am sure it is fine, but I was probably panicky when I was trying them on. Anyway, I like the designs and stuff and it is too late to return them now so fingers crossed. I need some more streamlined colorful sneakers like you.
    I did end up returning my Daily Ritual dress because I wanted it to be more fitted in the bust and have more room in the hips. I felt like sizing down would be too clingy on the tummy. But I am interested in trying other items from them.


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