WTF Wednesday: Slipper Shoes

Greetings, and welcome back to WTF Wednesday.

Today’s trend is probably a natural outgrowth of the “pajamas as clothing” trend:  slipper shoes.  These shoes look remarkably like your grandma’s house shoes.  Also, I have trouble keeping shoes without backs on my feet.  I’ve had some flat sandals constructed in a similar way, and I either walked right out of them or tripped over shit.  Further, they provided exactly no arch support or padding.

But a flat sandal is one thing.  Slipper shoes, in addition to their lack of support, also are generally made of fabric that one surprise rainstorm will ruin, or that regular wear will destroy and/or make look really skanky really fast.  And that stumpy ballet-flat walk?  These are good for that, too.

What really amazes me, though, is that these aren’t just cheap throwaway brands:

Torrid has you covered!


They’re everywhere.


Gucci, FFS.


I think these open-toed ones count too.


They’re just a step away from those orthopedic sandals that you see with suntan knee-highs.

Only those orthopedic sandals are good for your feet.

2 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Slipper Shoes

  1. I feel the same exact way you do about these. I HATE shoes without some kind of ankle strap because I always lose a shoe as I walk. I used to tie my sneakers way too tight because I had this fear that they would fly off my feet. Also, this velvet shoe bullshit has got to stop. Holiday heels in velvet, sure, though I couldn’t wear them in my neck of the woods because of all the rain that time of year. But these velvet slipper shoes say smoking jacket and cigar asshat to me. Not a fan. As always, love WTF Wednesday!


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