And I hate elevator music

Yesterday and today both featured earthquakes.  I wouldn’t have been awake for the one this morning, but Zooey is a giant asshole.  I get up to pee, she senses my eyes are open, and then she starts howling at the top of her lungs.  I finally give up so that maybe Lendon can get some rest, blearily stumble toward the coffee pot, and then watch as the little shithead ignores me until my alarm goes off.

It’s a good thing she’s cute.


Needless to say, despite three cups of coffee and a Cherry Coke Zero, I am dragging ass.  I decided to wear something sort of winter-ish today, because it’s supposed to turn to summer later this week before revisiting late fall over the weekend.  Sadly, my photographer was out of the office again today, so you get terrible living room camera remote pictures.  I think they get the point across.  They also make it clear that we own a lot of nerdy stuff, like video game consoles, Firefly-inspired artwork, and that we make blanket forts for the cats.

Whatever.  This isn’t a decorating blog.

On to the outfit:


Since I’m using the remote, that means the front camera.  That also means that, because it is a cheap tripod, I sometimes get the feeling I’m Kathy Bates in Misery.

Dress:  Torrid.  They only have a 0 (which = a large in sizes when we’re not trying to pretend that fat people wear single digits).  I think this is a 4.  Or a 5.  I don’t remember.  Probably a 5, because I tend to size up as much as possible in garments cut on the bias, because they cling.  It originally came with a mesh shirt underneath, but a few quick snips separated the pieces.  As a plus, the mesh shirt is an actual, real shirt.  I was surprised, because I thought it was just sewn into the top of the dress (that it was all one piece, in other words).

Turtleneck & leggings:  ASOS Curve, ancient, but because they’re a rayon jersey instead of cotton, they have remarkably stayed dark black.  I highly recommend non-cotton layering pieces, at least if you’re going for black.  Some black cottons are better than others, but eventually, even if you’re careful, they fade.

Boots:  Fitzwell, from a previous post.  I wasn’t going to wear this pair, but they were on top in my Rubbermaid tub.  I know some people have their shit organized into individual boxes.  Me personally, I feel I am doing well to have them sorted by type into tubs in the closet.  ALSO they were PUT AWAY from the last time I wore them.  Gosh, I’m turning into a neat freak!

Necklace is my cat necklace.  I really was going to middle finger today but we had depositions at our office and even though the client involved was one who NEEDS the middle finger VERY BADLY (she seriously tries to throw me under the bus with the boss, which is stupid, because every time I talk to her, I send him an email about EXACTLY what we said.  I learned that game a long time ago.  She just doesn’t tell us things that are important and then gets mad when we don’t do anything about things she never told us), I refrained.

Anyway, I’m not sure how I feel about this dress.  It’s comfortable, but it’s that wrinkly rayon shit I thought we all got over in 2003 but apparently we haven’t, and it fits kinda weird in the bust, and those little straps kept slipping off my shoulders all day.  I may give it one more shot and if it’s still annoying me, off to Poshmark it goes.  This was one of those things where clearance was BOGO free, so it was the “free” part.  I like that it’s kinda retro, I just wish it weren’t bias-cut.

I mean, being biased is bad, right?


2 thoughts on “And I hate elevator music

  1. I really like this dress and this 90s goodness on you. I wish I would have bought it. I had a black slip dress back in the day that I wore all the damn time. If I ever find a photo, I will show you. It is the one I wore the rose-printed mesh shirt with. I should have kept that shirt.
    Your Kathy Bates comment had me rolling. Also, who organizes their shoes into individual boxes?? *looks around, looks in mirror* Oh right. Me. LOL


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