I try twice as hard and I’m half as liked

While this morning started out kind of badly, the rest of the day didn’t suck as much as it could have.

When I was getting ready for work, I had to remember to take my medicine.  I usually fill my old-lady pill-holder up at the beginning of the week so I remember whether I took it or not.  I had to get some stuff refilled, though (like my allergy medicine), which means those weren’t in the appropriate slot.  So I had to put my shit down and open a bottle.  I keep the pill container in my desk drawer, and my phone is usually on my desk while I’m getting dressed.  Well, the sitting down and opening a bottle made me forget to grab my phone.  And then I wanted to wear different glasses to work, so I had to switch those out.  And the phone rang with some scam hang-up while I was getting ready, which had already thrown off my groove.

Anyway.  The parking lot at home, the parking lot at work, my car, everyone’s cars, are covered in little white petals shedding off Allergy Tree:

I wanted to get a picture this morning.  It looked like snow.  It was on the streets, the sidewalks, the gutters, all the cars (because it rained last night and then it was windy, so it sort of glued little white petals to all the cars)….but then I got to work, and realized I didn’t have my phone.  I actually need my phone at work, because we use an answering service and it puts calls through to our cell phones.  Not that I want to talk to people, you understand, but sometimes I have to.  (We have one particularly talky client.  He’s about my parents’ age.  I would attribute his talkiness to his recent retirement, but he was like that before he retired.  Smart guy, but he’s an accounting type and gets hung up on details and something simple like “sign this and email it back to me” took 3 phone calls. Perfectly nice, but high-maintenance.

Anyway.  I go back home, grab my phone, and figure I need to get to work instead of taking pictures of trees and shit.  My boss is pretty chill and really probably wouldn’t have noticed, but I would feel bad.

The good part of the day:  I found something in some documents on a case that could be very helpful, and my boss actually gave me credit when he talked to our co-counsel.  Most of the time, in my job, I don’t get credit…at least not to anyone outside the office.  So getting a few props occasionally is nice.  Maybe that’s why I’m blogging…so at least something has my name on it.

Plus, the interruption of the phone ringing when it usually doesn’t made me forget to put on lipstick.  I may not wear a lot of other makeup, but my high school theater teacher was a little…adamant…on the subject.  (For speech tournaments.  You know, synchronized nerd talking.)  So now, even if the rest of my face is completely empty of anything makeup-related, I wear lipstick.

In addition, I just wasn’t feeling the whole “be cute” thing today.  I did not want to wear colors.  I did not want to be uncomfortable.  I did not want to put on tights.  Also, my hair was pissing me off.

Here’s where I ended up:


Yay wrinklebutt!

Overall dress from ASOS Curve in size US 24 (it’s a little baggy, but that’s kind of what I  was going for, and also it helps with the length).  Currently only US 22 available, but you can stalk them if you like.  Leggins are also from ASOS Curve, but they’ve changed the leggings since I bought these like, 4 years ago.  (Again. Glad I bought lots of them.  I hate it when they change things I like.  These are cheap and they have STAYED DARK BLACK.  They’re a viscose/rayon/elastane blend instead of cotton, which helps with the fading.  I originally bought them in a 24, but then sized down one or two for the next ones because they run big.  I also have the cropped version, which I’m sure you’ll see this summer.

The ankle boots are from Aerosoles, and by some miracle, they’re still available in a lot of sizes.  I say miracle because I’m pretty sure I bought these in 2014.  They are an 11M.  I usually wear a 10.5W.  I almost sent these back, because at first they felt a little narrow, but the leather is really soft, and I didn’t want to have to go take the stupid box to UPS, so I kept them.  Unlike most of the rest of my Aerosoles boots (I’ve had a pair or two in my arsenal for at least 10 years), these have stayed comfy and don’t need insoles.  They use “stitch-n-turn” technology, whatever the hell that means, but they’re very cushy.  Also, I like that they’re narrower at the ankle, so they can be worn under skinny jeans if I don’t feal like tucking jeans into boots.  I kind of think they look stupid with this outfit, but they were on the top of the shoe tupperware this morning and I wasn’t in the mood to dig.

The tee is from Universal Standard, the long-sleeve tee rex in black, XL (26/28).  I know they seem expensive for a t-shirt but it’s worth it.  You know how t-shirts feel after you’ve washed them a bunch of times and they finally get all soft?  That’s how these feel from the beginning.  They seem to be holding up well to washing and line drying – they don’t even really wrinkle when they’re dry, and they don’t feel all stiff and icky like some stuff does when you line-dry.  Also, the long-sleeve has cuffs, and the sleeves are long enough.  I hate that women’s t-shirts don’t have cuffs, and I swear, the sleeves are always halfway up my arm after I wash them once.

Necklace is my usual flower, glasses are Zennis, hair is doing WTF it wants today, and I actually am wearing lipstick even though it doesn’t look like it:  NARS in Fast Ride (which is yet another futile attempt to duplicate the gone but not forgotten Estee Lauder Sheer Blackberry of my younger days.  Seriously, it was the perfect “your lips but better” shade for me.  It looked like actual blackberry juice.  It was flawless and they discontinued it).  It’s nice and moisturizing, but it has about zero staying power.  I wish it had just a little more pigment, because my lips are as pasty white as the rest of my face.

One day I will do a post about how many sheer berry lipsticks I own and how they are ALL wrong.

Also, since yesterday was devoted to WTF-ery, here is yesterday’s outfit.  I was proud of myself for not wearing black:


Cardigan: Universal Standard Curve Cardigan, XL

Tee: Boxy Tee-ASOS Curve-US 28

Jeans: Alice & You for ASOS Curve, circa 2-3 years ago, US 24 (similar)

Shoes: Sanita Clogs (they’re comfortable but you can totally not pay full price)

Now, it is time for Taco Thursday. Hey, I forgot to defrost.

3 thoughts on “I try twice as hard and I’m half as liked

  1. Love the gray sweater. I am not daring enough to wear the jeans with flowers, but I think I did that in the 70s. Fashion trends seem to recycle.


  2. I love that mauve shade on you! And I definitely want that cardi.
    I would totally try on a skirted overalls piece like that. I am really interested to know how that silhouette would look on me. Like I said, I haven’t worn overalls since I was 5 and those were even hella ill-fitting.
    I really like those boots too. The shiny calls to me!!


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