Introducing WTF Wednesday: Frilly Fails.

I was trying to think of a regular feature, and then I was surfing Eloquii last night.

And I had a flash of brilliance.

Half my reason for starting this blog is because I’m tired of people kissing the ass of retailers and featuring (free to them) outfits, all the while trying to pretend this shit isn’t fugly.   WTF Wednesday will point out the more egregious ensembles that retailers are trying to unload on their unsuspecting customers.  I was trying to decide whether each post should feature a theme or a retailer.  I believe I’m going to go with theme, because it seems like each and every store has some version of the same WTF.

This week, we’ll call the theme “Frilly Fails.”

First up, there’s this monstrosity from Eloquii:

Black and White and Wrong All Over

Eloquii BW

Ordinarily, I LOVE black dresses with white or cream trim.  But this dumpster fire looks like you would be adjusting this neckline ALL DAY and it would never look right.  And why do the buttons go all the way up? So you can button your head into a hood shape in case you see anyone you know?

Then, it’s on to “Does Seinfeld know you raid his wardrobe?”:

Those sleeves are begging to be dipped in Ranch.


LB puff

It’s almost like they’re using this blue pinstripe fabric to pretend you could be taken seriously in any corporate setting in this shirt.  And I don’t really understand why the white part is the size it is, or the shape it is, or really why it needs to be there.  Or why the sleeves have a dropped shoulder.  The poor model looks like “HALP.”

And finally, we have the most horrible pants I’ve seen in years from Fashion Union at ASOS:

Flowers. Ruffles. Unflattering cut. NOPE.


Okay first, I personally hate capri pants….mostly because the legs are always too wide for my legs and it looks dumb as hell with my little scrawny white ankles hanging out of baggy pants.  This bell-bottom ruffle is my worst nightmare.  Also, the length is awkward, and they look like they have crotch wrinkles on the model.  We have to figure that the pictures they put online to sell things are the best possible image of the product.  If they cannot get a pair of pants to look good and/or lay right on someone whose JOB it is to look good in pants….you’re hosed.

That will conclude this week’s WTF-ery.  Please feel free to suggest offenders and/or themes for future posts.

9 thoughts on “Introducing WTF Wednesday: Frilly Fails.

  1. Love this feature! I think next time you could probably do as many as called to you. I wanted more.

    I love the occasional ruffle, but these are just odd and oddly placed. Just looking at the long sleeve one makes me feel like I’m in a straight jacket.


    1. Oh, this week’s is already written. It also contains details about why LB is dead to me, and definitely more WTF’s. I may add a few more, though. I have a feeling these are always going to be pre-written.


  2. Too bad. I like the principle of a plus-size model.You’d wear it once, to a roof-top cocktail party? To a bar? Art gallery opening? Actually, I could see it because I like it better on the plus size model than the skinny model. Think I’ll post a, “Who Wore it Better?” using those two photos . . .


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