WTF Wednesday: Accessorize This

Part of this WTF Wednesday is inspired by a reader request.  Louise of SizePlus Dot Net said in a comment that she is not on board with the tassel earring trend. I believe the words “bacteria” and “ewww” factored in.

I don’t always think about accessories much, since they either bug me or I’m allergic to them, but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the tassels. However, I also got a message from Hailey on FB about a hideous Eloquii belt with a wait list.

So I decided to just go with accessories in general, because I’ve seen a few other things that made me “WTF.”

Let’s start here.


When I first saw people wearing tassel earrings on the regular, all I could think was that Miss Scarlet used the curtain ties as earbobs.

Bauble Bar is next level.


These look sort of heavy, and they’re… a lot.  I don’t like long dangly earrings (even ones that don’t make my earlobes swell and itch) because my hair gets wound around them.  I just think these are too much, especially if you’re wearing a bunch of other jewelry.  Also, these would be hard to store unless you have a big earring display of some kind.  Spoiler alert: I don’t.  Those little tassels would tangle like crap if you’re the sort who might just sort of chuck them in your jewelry box.  Of course I would never do something like that.

Oh, look, they have tassel bracelets too.


So it can get in your way and that tassel can get all dirty and gross.

You can also add a necklace.


I guess there were a lot of curtain tiebacks at Tara.

This is the tragic belt of which Hailey spoke.


This makes everything look like skirts that were popular when I was in 7th grade.  The light wash just adds to the 80’s vibe.  Why would you want to do this to yourself?  Also, those D-ring type closures slide open all flipping day, or they get crooked, or they otherwise require constant vigilance.   I do not understand how two sizes are waitlisted. NO NO NO.

If you’re gonna go 80’s, you’ll need socks.


This “neon socks with shoes” routine was also super popular in junior high.  I am not a super big fan of adults wearing visible socks with dresses or whatever, but if you’re going to do it, please not neon pink.

This isn’t a fanny pack, but it’s close.

leg bag.png

I really have no words for this.  I suppose it looks vaguely badass in a Lara Croft kind of way, but I cannot envision an event (other than perhaps a Halloween party or Renn Faire) where this would be a good choice.  I’m pretty sure sitting in this would be many kinds of uncomfortable.

Accessories are fine in small doses.  I guess. I don’t like things that get in my way or that make me look like I’m trying to be “on-trend.”  I’m only on-trend if it’s something I like.

Like overalls.

28 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Accessorize This

  1. Oh dear. The last one makes me think of Goth Han Solo. That was the first thing that popped in my head. lol You know I hate the belt already, and I do not like seeing grown ass women in socks with heels or sneakers or whatever.
    Now, I love accessories and I love a good tassel, but they are SO overdone. I liked them until I saw everyone else wearing them. After that, I didn’t want them anymore. Also, people are getting GIANT ones that don’t fit their head to earring ratio. Yes, they do get tangled AF if you aren’t careful. They can wrinkle and bend at odd angles, which is another reason I try to stay away from tassels. But I never thought about the bacteria factor. You certainly can’t really wash them easily. They would soak up all my face oil! lol


    1. ROFL head to earring ratio. And yeah, they would be all full of makeup (or just face oil, since I really don’t feel like wearing makeup right now). Plus, they’re too trendy. 7th grade me would probably have had lots of them. But 7th grade me did not make good choices at all. She had some neon roll-down socks and some country-fried skirt ensembles and a great many pastels and a bad perm.


    1. I mostly wasn’t all that impressed. I got the email this morning, looked at it, went “meh,” then went back to Torrid and started pondering Haute Cash options. I like the black one-shoulder shirt and the black & white pants, but I really don’t feel like I can pull off athleisure. The rest of it looked like pajamas, needed ironing, or was a style that does nothing for me (the dropped waist dresses). I’m glad they did it, maybe so at least J.Crew can see that if you build plus sizes, they will come, but overall? It’s boring AF. Universal Standard needs to get busy restocking their own shit in larger sizes…it’s starting to make me grouchy.

      I’m grouchy this week in general. It has been full of dumb people, technical difficulties, pointless conference calls, and other such fuckery.


      1. I have black overalls…I need the gray ones. 🙂 And the black overall dress. Also, I think you said something about the jumper from the J.Crew collection – I have a couple of dresses that can serve a similar function and aren’t that straight-up-and-down cut. Because I thought about it for a minute, but meh. I do wish they hadn’t sold out of the tee with the ribbon tie shoulder so fast, but when it comes down to it, I maybe own a lot of black t-shirts as it is. 🙂


      2. You have both: black overalls & black dress? Wow! I’d like to see them on you! You said, you wanted US to roll out more in large sizes. The black overalls come in 2XL, now. What size did you get? If I search your IG, will I find a picture with the black dress?
        Louise 🙂


      3. My black overalls are from ASOS Curve. I want the gray overalls from US, and I want their overall dress. I bought a black overall dress from ASOS in an attempt to curb the craving (and it was cheaper) but it fit weird so I sent it back. I guess I’ll just have to be patient. Which I suck at.


      4. Hi, Our taste diverges on crop pants or culottes . . . Or, doesn’t really diverge, because I like long pants on other people . . .the look of them, that is . . . In Southern California, it’s balmy by the ocean, so I wear crop pants even when it’s in the 60.s Fahrenheit.

        Aren’t you so happy with your IG? I just looked through it. You said you are not photogenic, but you take a pretty photo the first time! I’ve been experimenting with taking selfies and asking my Dad to take a picture . . . The last one was successful, to find one I wanted to post out of 12 . . . 8 were throw away . . .You own good outfits and the IG shows them at a glance. Your coworkers must watch to see what creative outfit you have on each day!


      5. Some of my coworkers think I’m weird. It’s funny, though. One I would expect to be ultra-conservative deeply wishes to dye her hair navy blue. I was like, “go for it,” but she works for a different batch of attorneys and she said her bosses were not as cool as my boss. My response was that it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission. 😉 My photographer and I have similar enough taste that she doesn’t think I’m weird. But thank you for saying I have good outfits, because lately I feel super boooooring.


      6. @CVP said: ” I bought a black overall dress from ASOS in an attempt to curb the craving ” You put into words what I do / did! I created this Fantasy Pairing on my blog (twitter):

        with Universal Standard’s Avenir dress in red, and Dansko Loralie in red: $149.00 and available in my size, since the 42 runs big. But, I can’t afford or justify either! I know they are Dansko, a bit clunky, but the red tapers different shades from toe to heel, and somewhere there is a match for the Dahlia red of the Avenir. You can’t tell from the studio photos.

        After that, I didn’t realize I was on the hunt for red shoes.

        So Skechers posted GoWalk Joy Immense in Pink in size 12 on a Monday, and I was salivating, and purchased on Wednesday using my 20% off discount, and the size 12 sold out by the following Monday. It’s me against the other size 12 US ladies.

        Then I bought the rum raisin Geneva to go with it, instead of the Avenir. Saved $40.00!

        Will I go bankrupt first or succeed? At least I have a pretty dress to console myself.


      7. Oooh, those Danskos are yummy, and you telling me how they run helps…their sizing can be a little off. (My clogs are a 43, my boots are a 42 but should be a 41 but I didn’t realize that till I wore them, my Mary Janes are all 42’s.) But I cannot, because I maybe just ordered some tie-dye Chacos.


      8. Very close 🙂 Those shoes look comfy, I may need to investigate. Although tbh, if I buy more Skechers, they’re probably going to be the ones with cats on them.


    2. Don’t feel bad. I HATE that jumpsuit. It looks like a WTF from ASOS Curve, and it’s basically almost the same as the equally ugly one on their own website. It’s a bag with wide-leg crops and a droopy crotch and I am NOT FEELING IT.


      1. Oh, I forgot . . .You don’t like the jumpsuits! I can’t see wearing the new one from US, unless to an art opening in a carriage house, with sawdust on the floor, while your sipping wine in spikes, because you wouldn’t want to drag that fabric around city sidewalks and public restrooms . . .

        So, I thought, this jumpsuit with mid calf length is better.


      2. I don’t like culottes or cropped pants. They’re on my NOPE list. (My NOPE list is fairly extensive. I will do a post on it someday. I mean, granted, WTF Wednesday is kind of a nope list….but it’s not nearly all-inclusive.)


    1. I have a skirt kinda like that – not exactly, but it’s one of those things that, if you’re not hourglass or pear shaped and tucking things in looks stupid, nothing matches it. I like it, in theory, but again — nothing terribly original.


  2. Sorry if I veered off-course with the comments! Geneva is the reigning masterpiece I’m sure you agree, since it appears you own 3 colors. But I’m glad there are some clean basics out there for the main stream, and in behalf of j.crew, though, I wonder if it paid for Ms. Waldman’s knowledge, with the intent to leave her and US high and dry . . . People in fashion, I don’t want to use the expression cut-throat, but they have trouble making it. Because US had a good idea, and the skills to execute it, the drowning brands would like to grab on and take it down.
    Alex in jumpsuit:


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