Let’s go make some noise

Yay income taxes. Well, not really.  I’m pretty sure I’m getting screwed somewhere, but Turbo Tax says pay The Man.  That explains today’s choice of accessory and also the lack of inspiration in my outfit. Necklace:  Fuck The Man. Sweater: Universal Standard-Curve Cardigan. Size XL (26/28). Tank:  ASOS Curve.  They don’t have this exact one anymore, but this one is… Read More Let’s go make some noise

(da ba dee)

I’m not normally one for dressy type fabrics, mostly because the upkeep is dumb. But I saw today’s dress on someone’s blog, and the OH GOD I NEED THIS switch flipped. By the time I saw it, it was almost sold out on ASOS. Fortunately, I did my usual stalking trick (add to favorites in… Read More (da ba dee)