Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you

I suppose I have some catching up to do on outfits.  While all of them feature jeans, I wore some overpieces last week?

Well yes they were black.

But this week, I have set myself a challenge NOT TO WEAR BLACK.  I haven’t decided yet if shoes count, or faint lines of black in a pattern, mostly because I want to wear a dress that is definitely not black but has some black LINES on it.

They’re very THIN lines.

It’s my challenge, I can make the rules.

Today’s contribution is pretty much all from Torrid:


Shirt:  Apparently they don’t have this color in stock, which is weird, because they had it over the weekend…  Anyway, it’s this in a different color.  Pros – this is a nice soft shirt, covers the butt if you’re having one of those days, interesting colors.  Cons – this didn’t de-wrinkle until I washed it; neckline very low & requires some sort of tank action unless you’re just in the mood to flash the girls at people.  This is a 4.  The tank is also from Torrid, blends in with my skin tone way more than I thought it did, and is not a recent purchase.

Jeans: I think it’s this pair of medium-wash boyfriend jeans.  I don’t know exactly, because they keep changing the prices and some of them now have distressing but they’re still CALLED the same thing.  Whatever.  The fit is consistent, so we’re good.  Size 26 regular.

Shoes:  Birkenstocks, no longer available unless you want to surf eBay – they’re the Mayari Soft Footbed in Mirror Silver, size 41 regular, even though normal people apparently don’t have feet this size.

Necklace:  Old from the Store That Is Dead to Me.

I’m not much for accessories, as I’m sure y’all have noticed.  I’m either allergic to them (earrings, sometimes rings and bracelets), they get in my way (earrings, bracelets, sometimes necklaces), or I’m in a hurry because I thought I could pass that level on Bubble Witch 3.  I also carry the same bag every day, because switching purses is a good way to lose things.  I do not like purses that are non-functional.  This includes:  armpit-grabber handles; no secure top closure; no internal or external organization pockets, particularly in a big purse; and non-durable materials.  It’s one thing to have a fancy evening clutch, but for your every day purse, a bunch of embellishments are just going to fall off.  My final requirement:  must be large enough to hold iPad or Kindle.

I’ll talk more about purses later.  On to last week’s jeans:


I think the jeans are the same.  The cardigan (or kimono) is from Torrid last summer, and is the most awesome thing ever.  It’s lightweight, can be paired with most solid colors and even some prints, and can be tied in the front to create a different look.  It’s rayon jersey instead of the nasty chiffon or “gauze” you usually find in such pieces.

The tank is the Pretty Cami from SWAK Designs.  They generally have these in some variety of colors and black.  I think this is a 3x…these are really generously sized.  The only thing I don’t like is that the straps aren’t adjustable, so it does a little moving around.  I got some racerback clips, but of course I couldn’t find them.  They’re somewhere in the Drawer of Tights…at least I thought so.  They might be in the Drawer of Scarves I Don’t Really Wear But Can’t Make Myself Toss.

Shoes are Birkenstock Granada Soft Footbed.  Necklace is my usual flower pendant.


This is the other medium wash Torrid jeans.  I finally figured out how to tell them apart:  this “premium” pair has a faded spot on the inside of the leg.  Sandals are the same as above.  Tank is the Loire Ribbed Tank in Marine from Universal Standard, size XL (26/28).  I bought it to go with one of my cardigans.  It’s a substantial weight, and fits like you would expect.  I mostly just needed a layer under the other top and my favorite black tank top was dirty and this one was actually on a hanger in the closet, thus eliminating the need to dig through my tank top shelf that somehow has become infested with more leggings than tank tops.

That’s okay.  Now they’re in a nice stack on top of the dresser.

The necklace I got in one of the Facebook groups I used to frequent – it was only $10, but it’s really substantial.  It did spend a great deal of the day tucked inside my shirt because it kept banging into my desk.  It sucks…the length I like aesthetically is the “annoy the shit out of me all day” length.

The top is an eBay find from Torrid.  The description said size 4, but it’s actually a 5, which would explain why it’s kinda too big.  I’ve washed it a couple of times, too, and no shrinkage.  The fringe is also not a complete mess yet.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m tired of the fat girl cardigan-over-skater-dress look, and I’ve been seeking out some alternatives for coverage of the bingo wings.  This is actually less fitted than I wanted, but it’s comfortable and it was like $12.

Finally, what I wore Friday:

My, but I was on a Torrid kick last week.

Shirt is Where the Wild Things Are book cover tee in a 4.  It’s currently only available in a 00 (a/k/a Medium).  (Torrid has been having some insane-ass sales the last couple of weeks.  BOGO free, BOGO 75%, use your Haute Cash now and later, BOGO and it’s already on sale 40% off…that’s why I’m sure everything is out of stock.)  This was more fitted than I thought, compared to the collection of other Torrid tees in my closet, and I almost didn’t wear it, especially because I had already put on a not-supportive bra…but then I said hey, it’s Friday, IDGAF.

My hair refused to stay out of my face.

Also, it was very hot.  Almost hot enough for me to swear off jeans for the rest of the summer.  Luckily, it was cooler today….but I’m sure that won’t last long.   (Jeans are on major clearance and pretty much available in all sizes.  I sized up to a 28 tall in these, which was the right decision in the morning but maybe not so much by the afternoon – they stretched out a lot.  The rise is higher, if you like that sort of thing.  I don’t, particularly, but since I effectively paid $15 for these jeans? Pfft.  I wish the doodles showed up more.  I might fix that if I get bored.)

Anyway, when I looked in the mirror, I considered shapewear, but then I was like “it’s JEANS and a fucking T-SHIRT and you have given up your shapewear addiction and you’re gonna start back up on a FRIDAY when it’s HOT?”  Seriously, I didn’t use to leave the house without some muffin-top control.  But it was hot and it itched and I finally just…stopped.  I need to just toss 95% of it.  I seriously had almost as much high-waist firm control shapewear as I did underwear, and I haven’t touched it in at least a year.  I could keep a pair or two for fashion emergencies, but I should really just get a trash bag for the rest, and maybe throw in some stuff from the scarf drawer and the tights drawer.  I already threw away a lot of the underwear drawer and the socks drawer.  But some of the scarves have sentimental value and I really lack the patience to try on all the black tights in that drawer to figure out which ones have crotch sagging issues.

Probably all of them.

One thought on “Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you

  1. I love that coral colored top on you. I know you said orange isn’t your thing, but I guess this one has just enough pink to make it work? You know I love the tie-dyed cardi and they NEED to make more!!! I like that fringe thing. Even oversized, I really like the way it looks on you. You make me want to find a fringy thing. lol

    I am reconsidering my reunion homecoming game dress because of the shapewear thing. I don’t want to have to wear shapewear at all down there because it is probably going to be too hot for me anyway. I have a cami to smooth that isn’t tight. I have a couple bodysuit things with shorts and allows me to wear my regular bra. I think I still have a few shorts slimmers, but otherwise I just wear my lace-trimmed undershorts. I am glad I don’t wear the thick, tight, capri length shapewear EVERY DAY like I used to. I was miserable.


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