If there’s one thing I know

It rained today, which is good, because my car is dirty.

My car is really perpetually dirty, since I can’t use an automated gas station car wash.  I mean, technically, I *can*, but as I discovered about a week after I purchased the car, it’s a bad idea.

My car is a convertible.  Don’t think that means it’s fancy — it’s not.  It’s old.  It struggles.  It has some dents from (1) being late to work – I sorta scraped a pillar (2) running into some too-short painted-yellow poles around a flower bed at our apartments (the whole complex has yellow scrapes, it’s like a parking permit) (3) hail, which happened right after I paid off the car and canceled the comprehensive coverage (4) a girl driving a truck bumped me at a stoplight, and I was all set to be pissed off but she had her kitty with her and was taking him to the vet and she was super young and I was just like….go.  It’s not worth it.

Also, in case you’re getting to that midlife crisis point, be advised: convertibles leak.  At one point, my car was Lake Chevrolet every time it rained.  It mostly just drips a little now.  But this brings me back to why those ultra-hard-spray car washes are inadvisable….water comes in.  EVERYWHERE.  Prior to purchasing my present vehicle, I usually ran my car through the gas station car wash once a month-ish.  I wasn’t even thinking about it when I ran the new car through.  I was just glad I had a hoodie to mop up the water.

However, my back does NOT like the changes in air pressure when a storm hits.  At all.  I hurt like crap.  Further, the heating pad I thought I fixed appears to be actually broken – the connection between the power cord and the actual heating pad keeps coming just loose enough to shut it off.  It will stay on, but only if I very carefully arrange it prior to turning it on.  If it does the shut-off thing, you have to unplug it and plug it back in, which basically means rearranging the whole thing again.  I’ll probably just order one on Amazon with some of my birthday gift cards.

Yesterday, I felt like simplicity.  I was going to wear a different shirt.  Not a fancier shirt, just a different shirt.  Sadly, it was wrinkled, and I did not realize this in time to de-wrinkle it.  I can’t wear some light-colored planned shirts because I just dyed my hair, and despite the fact that it is labeled “semi-permanent,” that is not accurate when it comes to your clothing.  It doesn’t bleed when your hair is dry, but if you sweat ever, it does, and we appear to have gone straight to summer, so I think I’ll stick to dark colors this week, which y’all know totally breaks my heart.


The shirt is from Lovesick, which was Torrid’s attempt to be younger and hipper (?) and didn’t last long.  Their sizing is the same.  This shirt is a 4, and fits pretty much like the Torrid 4’s.  I think Torrid has incorporated a similar style into their current offerings.  The jeans are also from Torrid (and show the detail better).  As usual in their boyfriend jeans, these are a 26 regular.  The belt is stupid, but it’s not bad for a scarf.  These are the lighter-weight “premium” jeans.  They were still too hot for yesterday, though.  Shoes are Birkenstocks. I need to see if the shoe place that repairs them is still around – these are 4 years old and sort of need new soles. New soles are much cheaper than new shoes, and have the added benefit of not having to break in the footbeds again. They’re so comfortable, but it’s definitely a process if you haven’t worn them.

I didn’t sleep well last night, partly from hurting and partly from Amelia the Cat being an anus (she likes to play in her litterbox – loudly – at 2 am).  You wouldn’t think this little face could be a complete douchenozzle, but you would be wrong.  Also, if you get up to pee, she’s in your spot when you get back.


So anyway, my brain wasn’t working this morning, and I grabbed the first things that caught my eye.  At least it wasn’t quite as miserably hot today.


Jeans are the same Torrid jeans I wear at least once a week.  I think these are the premium ones, but I’m still wearing them and I don’t want to de-pants to look, because if I de-pants, this entry won’t get done.  The shirt is also from Torrid, and is currently on clearance – they still have sizes 00-3.  I’m wearing a 4.  This is one of the lighter-weight tee shirts.  Shoes are Birkenstocks, but they don’t have this kind anymore….they’re the Mayari Soft Footbed in a holographic silver.  The worst part about breaking this pair in was the toe piece – the material was really stiff and I felt like I was about to amputate my toe.  I had some of this stuff, which I wrapped around the toe posts. By the time it fell off, they were broken in.


I don’t know what’s up with my hair today.  But I DID find some more magic Biolage on sale half-price on Amazon AND had gift cards, so I hope my hair will resume some semblance of behaving.

If it doesn’t, it’s long enough to shove in a ponytail.

And I will.  As soon as the dye washes off the back of my neck.

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