Drop this and let the whole world feel it

Very glad it’s Friday.

I’ve been kind of “meh” all week this week.  It’s been difficult to pick outfits….there are things I want to wear, but it’s been hot, and that always makes me feel like not trying very hard.

Wednesday, I really didn’t feel like trying hard.  I was having one of those days where everything just felt like too much…it was a bad day for depression, and even dragging myself to work was hard.  I don’t think a lot of people realize that depression isn’t just mental….it’s physical.  It’s like there’s a disconnect between what your brain knows you need to be getting done and what your body will let you do.  Combined with chronic pain, it’s loads of fun.

Here’s all I could manage on Wednesday:


Tee from Torrid a while ago, jeans 27″ Seine, distressed black from Universal Standard (size 24) (and I’ve sent them an email about pocket placement on the larger sizes, for real they’re too far apart and I look assless); flip flops Sanuk Yoga Mat via Amazon (size 11 – these run a little short.  The thin-strap and sling styles run narrow, as well…so if you’re a larger/wider foot, be advised accordingly.  Also, if you don’t care what color, look at your size in all the colors, because you can usually pick up a pair for $20).  I have lots of these flip-flops…they’re pretty much my default house shoes in the summer.  I don’t go barefoot in the house.  I’ve stepped in cat barf one too many times.

Thursday, I had to “supervise” the inspection of a bicycle.  Our client was riding it and the frame snapped.  The bike company sent their representative and an expert to take pictures and measurements and I seriously thought it was going to be like 30 minutes but it was more like 3 hours.  If I had known that, I would have brought my laptop.  Or at least my iPad.  (The boss was in court.)  Holy shit that was boring.  In the meantime, the boss is texting about “have you done this” and I was like NO BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE ARE STILL HERE.

Regardless, I had to at least be presentable.  I had a different outfit idea, but it didn’t really look like I envisioned (I’ll probably try a variation at some point when I’m not in a hurry), so I remixed a few things y’all have seen before because they were handy:


Vest is vintage from The Store That is Dead to Me; shirt is from ASOS Curve; jeans are the same Torrid ones I wear all the time (and I have no idea if they’re the premium or non premium); shoes are vintage Doc Martens from eBay that were like $30, shipped, and were almost brand new.  They may have been worn once.  These aren’t as comfortable as the other ones, but they’re not horrible, and I like the color.

I don’t know why I’m into “vintage” stuff lately, but it might be (a) I hate spring and summer clothes, they’re all so PASTEL or MUTED and that does nothing for me; (b) I don’t like some of the other current trends, as seen on WTF Wednesday; or (c) attempting to find some of the stuff I couldn’t afford in my misspent youth.

Which brings us back to DO (re mi fa sol la ti do).

Or today, I mean.


Dress is the Celia Dress in Neutral Tie-Dye from SWAK Designs.  I was on the fence as far as sizing.  While their sizes are not in the least bit consistent, they do post a size chart for each individual garment.  I was kind of between a 4x and 5x in this dress, and decided, it’s supposed to be flowy, so go up.  I think that was the right decision. I’m sure the 4x would fit, but it might be too short in the bust.  I don’t buy a lot from this brand – I have a few things, but a lot of their necklines are too low for my preference (or the seaming is weird).  This dress is really lightweight and STUPIDLY comfortable and even though it’s a little longer than I would generally prefer, it’s so comfy I do not care.  It’s not hitting at that weird shin spot.  Shoes are Birkenstocks, necklace is from the dollar jewelry store, tag is sticking out because I wasn’t paying attention.

Also, even though this looks almost brown in the website pictures, it’s definitely black and ivory in person.  The pockets are kinda small, but they’re at least big enough for your phone (although I’m not sure I’d feel 100% secure, or that the phone wouldn’t drag the dress toward that side).  I wish I liked some of the other patterns so I could buy another one, but one is navy (not my favorite), one is yellow (which looks cute on the brown-skinned model but tragic on those of the pasty white persuasion), I really do have enough solid black dresses unless there is an unforeseen dress tragedy, and the other floral is out of stock in my size.

Maybe I’ll change my mind about the navy if they have a good sale.  SWAK does have frequent (and good) sales, so if you’re buying from them, it’s always worth checking if there’s a coupon code.  Also, Amazon has a lot of their styles with Prime shipping.  However, Amazon usually does NOT have the same sales, and also does not usually have the newer stuff.

PS I tried one of those eternity dresses several years ago, and it was *not* impressive.  First, the top flaps are the same length on both sizes, which is stupid.  If you are a bigger size, obviously you’re going to need more fabric to achieve the same coverage.  Second, the edges were all unfinished, and I HATE THAT.  Seriously.  Unless it’s a fabric that would be a waste of time to hem, like straight-up tulle, don’t send me something unfinished.  I mean, good for you for hiring people who can cut in a straight line, but hem that shit.  If I just wanted a piece of fabric to wrap around my body, I could go buy one, and it would probably be better quality.

Also, I need to color my hair, and I also need to go see if that Biolage hair shit is on sale again because my hair is all FLUFFY this week.  (The wind hasn’t helped.)

However, I will conclude here.  My birthday is tomorrow, so Lendon & I went out for a birthday steak.  And a birthday pile of key lime pie.  And I am in the mood to kick back, digest, and maybe blow some things up in World of Warcraft.

Or just be OLD and LAME and go to bed at 7:00.

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