My heart is old, it holds my memories

Today is all about that retro….

On Tuesday, I decided to channel 1985.  As part of my quest to find something to wear over things that wasn’t a stupid open cardigan, I’ve made a few out-of-the-box choices.  One of them is featured in this next outfit (which has more than one element of 1985 about it).


I swear there is nothing intentional about my front-facing poses.  It’s always windy as hell, and my only real concern is keeping my hair out of my face (and out of my lipstick because seriously that’s like your mouth walked into a spiderweb and it’s why I really only like the kind of matte lipsticks that dry ALL THE WAY).

So what makes this outfit 1985?

First of all, the mesh hoodie/vest.  Really.  It’s Throwback Thursday, and I’m reasonably sure this was my 11th birthday, because 5th grade was when some of my friends and I discovered buying matching outfits.

Kel birthday

As you can see, we had pink and yellow.  (I want to say we also had shirts with fluorescent stripes that matched the vests.  As much as I wish this were not true, I’m pretty sure it is.  I’m also pretty sure I had a terrible horrible yellow belt to go with this mess.)

Also, the underneath of the outfit is a jumpsuit.  It’s the same as the gray one I wore a few weeks ago.  Torrid doesn’t have this particular black one in stock, but they do have a similar option.  This may not be “flattering,” but my give-a-shitter appears to be broken.  To complete the look, I went for some Vans.  I’m pretty sure I had the pink and purple check slip-ons in 5th grade.  The ones in this outfit are from the ASPCA collaboration a few years ago, and I had to stalk them for a while before I found some in a grown-up size.


(What is it with footwear on sale sites?  If you wear a 5, or a 6, or maybe a 7, all the vintage, rare, hard to find shoes are at your feet.  If you wear above a 9, your large-footed-sisters are all HOARDING THEIR SHOES.  I do somewhat understand, because finding the cute stuff in a 10 or 11 is not an undertaking for the faint of heart.  This is when I miss my friend working at Dillard’s in the shoe department.  He alerted me to 75% off and then magically hid the good shit until I got there.)

So I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re a larger shoes size and you have some mistakes in your collection, you should be able to unload them in short order, and for more money than you think.  Specifically, if someone has a pair of black Fluevog Hopeful Luxons in an 11.5 or 12 that you don’t like, let’s discuss.  (They run really short, or I would already own them.  By the time I figured out what size I needed, it was sold out and they are the PERFECT SHOES.)

I couldn’t find a good picture of the black, but LOOK AT THEM.


The heel isn’t as high as it looks.  They’re very easy to walk in.  They’re cushy.  The straps are not tight and uncomfortable.


Today was a bad pain day.  We had the first tornadoes of the season last night (nowhere near our house, but the weather people live for this shit, it was storm chasers for hours), and my body does not like the air pressure changes.  Plus, it was raining very hard this morning, so I didn’t want to wear sandals, or a long skirt that could drag in the puddles, or any shoes that would get ruined.


The rain this morning also means I said “fuck it” regarding my hair, so it’s all puffy and weird.  Today was a substitute photographer day (I’m just glad that my office-mates are willing to put up with this).  The flowers are pretty in the front of the building, but the shadows are strange.   I thought I was far enough in the sun, but I guess not….

Anyway.  The shirt and jeans are from Torrid; necklace is my serotonin pendant, and shoes are Keds, although it doesn’t appear they have the red ones anymore.  (Or knowing Amazon, there are 9 different listings for the same style shoes.)  The shirt is still available in 0-4 (I’m wearing a 4).  This one is the same fabric/cut as my Ursula shirt – it’s lighter weight, slightly looser fit, and good for summer.  The jeans are available in 10-30, extra-short to extra-tall. (I’m wearing a 26 regular.)

I really wasn’t as into Mr. Rogers as a kid as I was into Sesame Street.  Sadly, I haven’t found a good Sesame Street shirt yet – I have a men’s “Oscar the Grouch” shirt (which I was wearing when I went to pick up my cat Zooey, and maybe that’s why she’s grumpy?), but no women’s ones.

She’s not always grumpy.  Just when she wakes up from one of her 3-hour naps on the cable box and meows demandingly, like I’ve been ignoring HER.

She tends to do this when I’m (1) playing a game; (2) trying to eat; (3) typing anything on the computer whatsoever; (4) trying to sleep; or (5) trying to read a book.

She’s rotten.  But cute.

This is from the day I brought her home.


4 thoughts on “My heart is old, it holds my memories

  1. There is a Torrid here near the mall, just so you know, for when you visit. I don’t think I am daring enough to wear red shoes. The kitty sneakers are cute though.


    1. I saw the Torrid when I went to get boxes, but since everyone was waiting on the boxes, I didn’t make a detour. 🙂 And red shoes are not really DARING, especially if they’re sneakers or flats or flip-flops.


  2. omg, that baby kitty face!! I LOVE your throwback look and think that is such a great way to layer that vest. When I saw that vest I was totally at a loss for how I would wear it, even though it intrigued me. That look is so cute on you!!


    1. Thanks. 🙂 She still has an adorable face. It’s hard to get pictures, though, because her happy faces are mostly when she’s being my snuggy bear.


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