WTF Wednesday: Two Great Tastes That Should Stay Far, Far Apart

Greetings.  Welcome back to WTF Wednesday.  This week, we will examine things that are perfectly acceptable in their proper context, but that should never have been combined.

Inappropriate Suiting.

Like a halter top in a glen plaid.


Or pinstripes and puffy sleeves.


Look, I get that suits are boring as hell.  But if you need a different silhouette, try something that isn’t a halter top and doesn’t have ruffles.  I don’t care how cute you are, that will not fly in most ultra-professional settings.   The ruffles are also bad…they add bulk without being really that interesting.  We GET it.  “Statement sleeves” are the thing this season.  My statement is:  let’s move the puffy sleeves back to 1993, where they belong.

Active Dresses 

Sure you’re gonna work out in this.


Look, Store That is Dead to Me.  I can understand a sweatshirt dress.  I fully support the skort.  But no one ever heard of an active pencil skirt.

Athletic trim on career or dressy outfits.

Athletic details on dressy outfits: also bad.


WTF with the stripe?  It’s not fucking track pants.

The jacket by itself with casual pants, maybe.


Making comfortable things uncomfortable.

Again, bonus points for the brand name, now make something cute.


Wrap front? Ugh.


Overalls are not supposed to be skin-tight.  That completely defeats the entire point of overalls. Also, wearing heels with skinny jeans looks tacky and I’m not changing my mind about this.  Heels & platforms are awesome with wide-leg jeans.  With skinny jeans, it’s hard to pull off without looking like you’re trying too hard to be “sexy.”

Peep toe boots.

This horseshit has been going on for several years, and I’m really incredibly amazed that these are still a thing that is for sale and that humans are buying.







If it is cold enough for boots, your toes shouldn’t be out in the open.  If you wear socks, you will look like grandmas that wear socks with sandals.  Some of the styles with a more open weave are somewhat acceptable.  But the closed-in ones — especially the knee- and thigh-high ones? Nope.

Remember, kids, just because it exists, you don’t have to wear it.



4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Two Great Tastes That Should Stay Far, Far Apart

  1. I am still trying to figure out who wears those hundreds of styles of stilleto heels that I see in store windows. Wearing those would be an acccident waiting to happen.


    1. I KNOW. One of my coworkers tried to convince me otherwise because she had some purple ones. I told her they would be cute if they had toes. 🙂


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