And lo-ove will rule the stars

I know it’s late again today, but holy conference calls about pointless bullshit, Batman.  Today’s was a baby lawyer on the other side who used the word “entitled” a lot.  There were a great many rude gestures and mouthed “BULLSHITS.”  Today’s bullshit rating was 12/10, because seriously, this kid had zero clue but was trying to sound important.  I bet his paralegal hates him.  He sounds like the kind of person who wants you to fax, email, and certified mail everything, and who would ask you 7 times if you finished something that wasn’t due for another three weeks even though you had more important things to do.


Since summer is approaching, I’ve been trying to think of ways to change up my summer routine.  I like dresses, but I’m still not 100% ok with sleeveless, and I feel like the fat girl in a skater dress and shrug has been done to death.  So I’ve been trying to figure out some different ways to maybe get some sleevage that aren’t a stupid armpit-grabbing cardigan (since apparently buttons aren’t really a thing.  Or hooks, or ties, or anything else that might make the cardigan not crawl directly into your armpits as soon as you put it on).

So in my surfing of Instagram, I saw a couple of people wearing this crochet shawl thingy, so I went in search of.  Sadly, they were out of black by the time I tracked it down, so I was forced to step out of my comfort zone.


And order what they called “mauve.”

I think it bears a striking resemblance to millennial blush.  Or peach.  Whatever.  I’m wearing it in a 3x.  Pros: I really like how it looks.  The shipping was super fast – I wasn’t expecting it in 2 days, but bonus.  Cons:  It’s easy to snag on things.  I’m not really sure how this is going to hold up to washing.  Also, it was really hard to differentiate (or even FIND) the head hole and arm holes.

The dress is my ancient cotton-knit maxi dress from Old Navy.  I don’t even remember exactly how long ago I bought this – but a while, since I’ve been ignoring Old Navy lately.  I stuck with them for a while because of their jeans, but they changed their jeans and the rest of the plus-size stuff is kinda — boring.  Their jersey swing dresses are okay, but you can get similar things elsewhere.  They do have good tank tops for layering – they’re LONG ENOUGH.  Hey, when you’re long in the torso, this is a major thing.  I get tired of layers not cooperating.  Old Navy does have a similar dress right now, but they’re a little pricey.  Also, mine has a drawstring tie at the waist and is cotton, and this one is rayon.  Still, it’s a versatile, cool, comfy dress for summer.  Just…see if you can get a coupon code.

I wore my favorite Birkenstocks – I was thinking about other sandals, but thought these were more in line with the general hippie vibe.  The necklace is from Modcloth, also many moons ago.  It also kept getting caught on the shirt.

I would love more things like this shirt, but perhaps (1) less destructible and (2) black.  I would settle for charcoal, or eggplant, or dark green, or burgundy.

I finally got my stuff from Torrid that I ordered with Haute Cash…they need to speed up their shipping a little.  I ordered a few things that are also not within my comfortable black bubble and I’m not sending them back even though I kinda partly want to.  (I did order a black thing or two and okay yeah one of the shirts is kinda like the one I wore yesterday but without flowers WE ALL NEED OUR BLANKIES.)  But there’s at least one piece that I may use to see if I can make “athleisure” not look like “way to roll in to work in your PJ’s, dude.”

I am not confident that this will be entirely convincing.

But at least I’ll be comfortable.


One thought on “And lo-ove will rule the stars

  1. I like this top on you. It is definitely peach to me, but I think it looks nice on you. I like that extra interest and texture over the maxi also. I only have those suspender leggings from CurvySense, which I never got the chance to wear yet either. (They were supposed to be for a slutty yet practical school girl costume for Halloween).


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