My life doesn’t have a very good plot

I know I say this a lot, but I really did have other plans for today’s outfit.  I even did my eye makeup in anticipation of the lipstick I wanted to wear.  But when I pulled the dress out of the closet, I remembered that I had not de-wrinkled.  And while I’m one of those perpetually-wrinkled clothing people, I’m not as bad as this dress was.

So then I had to conduct a (speedy) closet search that would not require a change of undergarments.  The dress I planned to wear has straps that are a little wider than spaghetti straps, but not a LOT wider, with exposed shoulders and then sleeves to cover your upper arm dimples.  Since there is not a strapless bra in existence that fits (or at least if there is, I have not yet located such a thing, because the only one I’ve found in my size doesn’t have a wide enough band to really support and contain my back boobs.  I’ve tried the bralette bandeau, but when you wear it strapless, it has zero support in the front.  It would probably work just fine for a 22 year old).

So I have bralettes that offer halfway decent support with spaghetti straps.  They are from the Store that is Dead to Me.  I can mostly use these for the sundresses and tops that require less sturdy bra straps….since most bras in my size have wide straps.

Therefore, I decided to pull out something that isn’t black.  (The dress is black.  Next week, my little chickadees.  And probably once a week after that all summer because it’s going to be my new favorite.  My Old Navy one is okay, but if I don’t want to sleeveless and I don’t really, I’m trying to get over it but it’s not working), and I don’t want to cardigan, this one from Torrid is perfect.  It’s also just the right length.

But that’s not what I wore today.


Sorry for the shadows.  My official photographer was sick today, so I recruited a backup photographer.  They’re on different sides of the building, and I didn’t want to take forever by making her walk all the way around the side, so I was just like “here!”  I’m sure you get the general idea of my outfit, though.

I saw this top last summer on Hailey’s blog.  She said that the reason she bought it was because it looked awesome on a red-headed salesperson at Torrid.  While it is not my usual jam (it’s navy and pink and doesn’t have a turtleneck), it is cute, looked comfy, and was on clearance for $14.97.

Torrid does not have this color anymore, but they do have the same style in a different color.  I’m wearing a 4, and while it’s loose, I think sizing down would make it cling too much.  It’s a very soft fabric.

I’m wearing it with the jeans that started my Torrid Boyfriend Jeans obsession.  I bought this particular pair on clearance also, because (a) I hated all my jeans, (b) these have flowers embroidered, but they’re the same color as the jeans, so you get all of the hippie with none of the “does this match” problem, and (c) I didn’t have a pair of light wash jeans, and at the time, I felt like dark-colored shirts should be worn with light colored jeans.

Obviously, I’m over that.

They’re a 26 regular, just like all my other ones.  These fit the same (and the denim texture/weight is the same) as these and these.  The denim on my other pairs is lighter weight and doesn’t have the same feel.

My shoes are Aerosoles, because Aerosoles is one of the few US brands that recognizes that a 10.5 wide exists.  But they’re old.

The necklace I bought on one of the fat kid Facebook groups.  I used those to sell things for a while, but I got tired of flaky cheapasses.  It is, of course, the exact length to smack on my desk while I’m typing, so it spent most of the day tucked into my bralette.  This was only like $10, but it’s heavy.  It came with earrings, which of course I can’t wear.  I’m allergic to almost everything except 316L or titanium.  Even 14K gold makes me itch sometimes.  The metal allergy isn’t as bad with rings or bracelets, but sometimes sterling silver itches, and sometimes the backs of watches itch and leave red welts.  That’s another reason I don’t wear much jewelry.

I didn’t realize when I put on this top that it would show the scar from getting a cyst removed.  It was terribly frustrating to have to go get a doctor to remove it.  If I could have REACHED it, I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have been necessary.  I can’t remember if he said it was a lipoma or something else, but whatever it was, the removal was another case of local anesthetics being next to useless.  I didn’t want to have to go through the whole sedation routine, because it doesn’t work either.  It was quick, at least.  I know the doctor definitely wasn’t used to people being awake.  And he didn’t show me what came out of it, either.  I WANT TO KNOW THESE THINGS.  (If you need this type of satisfaction in your life, click here for Dr. Pimple Popper’s YouTube channel. Also check out Reddit > r/popping.  Especially if you have a significant other that won’t let you pop anything.)  I did feel sorry for Lendon, though.  Instead of stitches, it had to be packed & taped up.  It wasn’t super deep, but he’s not really into this sort of thing.  He’s had to deal with the staples from my back surgeries, but that was mostly just slapping a bandaid on it so I could take a shower.  This was more gross.  The sad thing is….the actual incision part didn’t hurt that bad.  It ITCHED like a bastard, but it wasn’t really sore.  However, I am very very allergic to most adhesive tape.  The paper tape wouldn’t stay on, so I had to use the more heavy-duty stuff.  The area where the tape hit my skin was way worse than anything else.  I finally found some on Amazon that wasn’t as awful and actually stuck.  I have at least another roll stashed.

I’m sure I’ll find some way to need it.

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