Same old me again today

I don’t even want to post these pictures, because I look like ass, but in the interest of transparency and not being fake, I’m going to.

Really, I don’t like very many pictures of me at all.  I know what I look like, but I don’t like being reminded of it.  So why start a frigging blog that’s all pictures of me?  Because I need to get the hell over it.  It makes no sense to be interested in clothing and show it to the dozen people with whom I interact on the regular, and between introversion, depression, and chronic pain, I’m not really the type to go out and parade around.  Even when I did go out more, I wasn’t usually showing off much.

So this is what I have right now.

What I have today is a dorky facial expression and a lack of eye makeup and a semi-boring outfit.  I had plans, but then I got shampoo in my eye this morning.  Not a LOT, but enough that my eye was irritated – so I thought putting on eye makeup would be a bad idea.  The outfit I had planned needed some eye makeup.  (Plus, today is a bad allergy day.  I don’t know what exactly is blowing around but both eyes itch and my head hurts.)


The jeans and shoes you’ve seen before.  The shirt is from ASOS Curve, but is apparently not in stock anymore.  I’m pretty sure it’s this shirt in a navy & white stripe (it said navy on the website when I bought it.  It’s really hard to tell in person if it’s navy or black).


The weather is all fucked up.  It’s 80-ish right now (which is approaching cranky territory for me), but it’s supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow, and my lower back confirms that a change is in the air.  It’s also the time of year where it’s vaguely cold in the morning, but hot as fuck by 2 pm.

I’m in a bad patch, depression-wise, and I hate when that coincides with a bad pain patch.  I can deal with one, but both is just…a lot.  It’s days like today where it’s hard to concentrate at work because there are all these people talking in my general vicinity.  It’s just too much noise.  When my head is being noisy, listening to talking makes it almost impossible to focus, and even though I have good headphones, that’s just adding more noise on top.

And unlike hot fudge sauce, more noise is always bad.


2 thoughts on “Same old me again today

  1. I like your “same old me”. Jeans and t-shirts make perfect fashion sense to me, and comfort sense. Comfort usually wins with me. High ozone here today on top of pollen = headache.


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