(no squealing, remember that it’s all in your head)

Happy 4/20. Legalize it!

I decided to wear green today, even though I cannot properly celebrate the holiday. I’ve been going to my pain management doctor forever, and my insurance says I’m low-risk, so I don’t have to pee in a cup very often (which is good, because the toilets in their bathroom are like 6″ off the ground, and it makes an awkward task even more awkward).  But I guarantee that if I had a little celebration, I would get drug tested next week, even though I haven’t been in at least 6 months.

My official photographer brought me a celebratory gift of eyeliner.  I love eyeliner.  I’ll probably do a post about it someday.  It’s gel liner, which fortunately is much easier than liquid:


I vaguely suck at liquid even when I have my contacts in and can see what I’m doing.  Right now, with the glasses situation, I can barely get pencil correct…and my ever-expanding eyelid wrinkles aren’t helping.  At least with pencil, you can smudge a little and pretend it’s on purpose.  Liquids are not terribly forgiving.  Gels are somewhere in the middle — there’s a little drying time, but not as long, and it’s more viscous, so it’s easier to apply.  This “brush” is excellent for gel liners. It has the bonus of being easy to clean…much easier than trying to get gel eyeliner out of a brush with bristles.  (Note: the bristle brushes from this brand aren’t half bad.  But NOTHING compares to THESE in terms of makeup brushes. I was skeptical, but these are so soft and so dense and so perfect…they’re worth it.  If you get a coupon or have some points to cash in, DO IT.  I thought the Real Techniques brushes were the best ever until I got the IT Cosmetics ones.  I petted all of them at the store, and the Velvet Luxe ones with the black handles are the best ones. They also hold up well to cleaning…no shedding or feeling yucky when they dry.  I wash all my brushes with baby shampoo & dry them flat on a towel. I had some brush cleaner at one point because it was a free gift, but the shampoo is cheaper and works equally well and doesn’t have a twisty cap that breaks the second time you use it so that you have to store it all weird.)

I walked to work today because my significant other needed the car this morning.  (We seem to only have one working car lately, but it really hasn’t made a difference.  We’re discussing getting rid of both of the shit heaps and getting something decent, but haven’t quite decided to do that yet.  Basically, we’ve been using one car for the last 2 years…I couldn’t drive mine for a while after my back surgery, because it’s low to the ground and difficult to get in and out of, so mine died, then once mine was fixed, his started doing some weird shit, and since we’ve been okay with one vehicle, spending money to find out exactly WHY it’s doing the weird shit — we haven’t made it a priority.)  (I appear to be full of parentheticals today.)

Back to my outfit, and why I decided to wear it today.  While it wasn’t really cold this morning, it wasn’t really warm, either.  I hate coats, so I decided to layer.  I also wanted to make sure & wear comfortable shoes.  It’s not like work is FAR, but it’s just far enough to make a little blister start if I wear the wrong shoes.  However, I really hate wearing athletic shoes with jeans.  I don’t know what my issue is.  I’m not talking about Keds or Vans or Chucks.  I’m talking about New Balance or Brooks.  I know it’s completely stupid, and I never even really NOTICE it on other people, or if I do, I don’t think it looks bad.  But somehow, if I wear them…I feel like I’m not dressed.

Yes, I DO realize I have worn Crocs in public.

It’s kind of like my need to wash my hair pretty much every day.  If I don’t, I do not feel clean.  I can take a shower, scour every inch of skin with something exfoliating, but if my hair is dirty, I feel yucky.  Conversely, back in the days of Bonnaroo, a rudimentary hair-washing under a communal faucet/fountain made me feel way less gross than I actually was.  Wet Ones help, but there’s only so much they can do in the face of mud and caked-on sunscreen.

So basically, I wore jeans and a t-shirt and boots.  Like I do half the time without needing to explain my entire thought process about it.


Shirts:  Universal Standard Long-Sleeve Tee Rex (black, size XL aka 26/28) and Short-Sleeved V-Rex (forest green, size 2XL a/k/a 30/32).  Note on the fit:  the smaller size in the short-sleeve tees kind of clings in the midsection on me, which is why I usually wear them with overalls or with something over them, like a vest or sweater.  The 2XL is better midsection-wise, but it’s a little big in the shoulders and bust.  However, these t-shirts are insanely soft and comfortable, and they seem to be holding up well to washing (machine wash cold, line dry)…I haven’t noticed any fading or raveling or holes.  I wish they made the long-sleeve in more colors, because unlike MOST women’s long-sleeve t-shirts, it has actual cuffs and the sleeves are long enough.  I might buy shirts with long enough sleeves, but they all shrink.  The only long-sleeve shirts I have with acceptable sleeves are men’s.  I cannot stand too-short sleeves. It makes me feel like the whole shirt/dress/sweater is too small, even if the rest of the garment is baggy.

Jeans: Torrid Non-Premium Boyfriend Jeans, medium wash, size 26 regular. At least I think they’re the non-premium, because I am pretty sure I wore the premium ones on Monday and they’re in the laundry pile. I really need to get some laundry done this weekend, as I am down to the pajama pants without pockets and the underwear I don’t like.

What? I have enough pants and shirts and dresses to go another few weeks, but it would be weeks spent with underwear that I don’t like and pajama pants I don’t like and the bras I REALLY don’t like because they’re stabby but I keep hoping that eventually they’ll “break in” and stop with the stabby.

Boots are Alegria. Necklace is from Torrid several years ago, but they seem to have a really close substitute right now. The chain is a little different (mine is a thicker snake chain, and this one appears to be finer with links), and I don’t think mine has the little rhinestone balanced on her trunk, but otherwise, it’s pretty close. The pendant is fairly substantial, and would come off the chain if you wanted to wear it with a different one. Sunglasses are Zenni Optical.

Happy Friday.  Smoke ’em if you got ’em.


2 thoughts on “(no squealing, remember that it’s all in your head)

  1. I celebrated for you. 🙂 Sean has been having to abstain because his company was bought and they had to drug test over again. He FINALLY did his test last week, so he’s happily been able to partake a couple times. They aren’t supposed to drug test passed this one initial time. Everybody in the office does it since it is legal here, and everybody was freaking out about the drug test.

    I love that color green on you! It goes so well with your hair too. How does the premium jeans compare to the non-premium jeans? I tend to lean towards the premium since the ones I have are that and I really, really like them. But it can be a big price difference.

    I laughed at your explanation of no sneakers. When I wear them, I totally feel less fashionable, but I also feel like I look odd. Like I feel my feet look really big and rectangular and clunky and I feel it throws off my proportions. lol


    1. Yes! I feel like my feet look gargantuan! I got tested last appointment, so I *shouldn’t* get tested again for a while, but gahhhhhh. Vote is 2 weeks away….

      As to comparing the jeans, who fucking knows. I’m pretty sure it’s an arbitrary label at this point. The sparkle jeans are somewhat different than the other premiums — they’re thicker than the lighter weight ones (medium wash & black embroidered) but not as thick as the light wash and the dark wash (which I think they’re now calling premium). The fit seems to be roughly the same in both. I literally cannot tell the difference in the medium wash pairs unless I look really closely at the fading pattern. I think your bumblebee/flower jeans are premium.

      Also, Torrid keeps changing the names of shit, and stuff that wasn’t premium before is now, sometimes with a price difference, sometimes not. I don’t really care if it’s $10 different – that style fits me well, and I know I’ll wear them. Plus, how often do we ever pay full price for Torrid shit? Between rewards and haute cash and sales, fuck it.


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