Let’s go make some noise

Yay income taxes.

Well, not really.  I’m pretty sure I’m getting screwed somewhere, but Turbo Tax says pay The Man.  That explains today’s choice of accessory and also the lack of inspiration in my outfit.


Necklace:  Fuck The Man.

Sweater: Universal Standard-Curve Cardigan. Size XL (26/28).

Tank:  ASOS Curve.  They don’t have this exact one anymore, but this one is pretty close. I think it’s US 24, and it’s under a sweater because it has the Giant Armhole Problem. ** (Seriously.  I *have* fat arms, but these armholes are like, below the bottom of my sport-style bra.  Sure, it’s black, so no one would probably notice, but really.  What’s weird is that their shirts and dresses with sleeves tend to be fairly snug in the arms…not usually too tight, but certainly not loose.  Old Navy’s tank tops are pretty decent with the armholes, as are Universal Standard’s.   Most camisole-style tanks are fine…since the straps are generally adjustable, you can fix the problem.)

**The Giant Armhole Problem is a common pattern-sizing issue in plus-size tops, particularly for those of us at the upper end of the sizing spectrum.  It’s like they just make all the measurements bigger by the same amount, instead of using actual logic and/or actual fit models in larger sizes.  Sometimes, the armholes are legitimately larger than the head hole.  It’s annoying.

Jeans:  Torrid Premium Boyfriend Jeans, medium wash, size 26 regular.

Boots:  Alegria Ivy, size 41.  If I see more of these boots in a different color on eBay or Poshmark, I am buying them.  They’re kind of ugly and functional looking, but they’re one of the most comfortable pairs of footwear in my collection.  Fortunately, they aren’t really showing too many signs of wear, even though I’ve had them for several years, and if I’m wearing pants in winter, I’m wearing them.  The fit is slightly different than the flatter-heeled styles…it’s hard to explain, but the flatter ones make me feel like my feet/ankles are turning outward a little.

I actually put on makeup today, as in foundation (well, tinted moisturizer. Hey, I had to use a sponge and powder over it and everything).  I honestly can’t tell much difference.  I definitely need to hang up my makeup mirror, though.  This glasses thing makes it difficult to apply makeup and ensure it’s blended and not crooked.  I’ll probably just resume the eyeliner/mascara/lipstick routine.  (I use primer and put a light layer of powder over it.  Otherwise, if you don’t let the primer dry all the way – and if I had time for that, I’d use liquid eyeliner – the eyeliner smears and THEN sticks to your eyelids all funny.  The NYX primer is just as good as Urban Decay Anti-Aging and is 1/3 of the price.)

My boss found my necklace amusing, so this means I can wear it to work with impunity.

Which is good, because some days…I need it.

One thought on “Let’s go make some noise

  1. We had to pay The Man too for some reason. PEH.

    I tried on a black tank at Target yesterday. It had cute crochet shoulders and a swing style body. It would have been SO CUTE had it not been for the GINORMOUS armholes that showed my bra. I don’t understand why they can’t get this part right.


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