Only for a moment, and the moment’s gone

I do not know what Zooey’s issue is, but she likes to try and cram her head up my nostril.  She has done this since she was a tiny kitten.  I have dubbed this “snouting.”  This makes it somewhat difficult to type:

(The second photo is older, but depicts the action more clearly.)


So yesterday, I decided to break out of my comfort zone a little and wear something I swore I was never wearing again:  a jumpsuit.  However, my reasons for dissing jumpsuits had nothing to do with aesthetics and everything to do with logistics.  Specifically, they mostly zip in the back or don’t button quite far enough down the front, and these things are bad when you’re out with your bitches and need to pee.  However, this particular specimen just pulls on, like extended pants, so I thought I would be fair.  (Also I’ll be honest: it was on clearance, and it feels and kind of looks like pajamas.  And hello, it has pockets!)


I really wasn’t paying attention when I had my official photographer take these, so my sleeve is wadded up and my necklace is flipped over.  But I believe the photos are sufficient to convey the general fit & style.

The jumpsuit is from Torrid.  Based on the pictures, I sized up to a 5.  Partly, I wanted to make SURE I had enough room to pull it up, and partly, because the top is fitted.  I think it was the right choice, but if you’re more pear-shaped, you could size down a little.  The pants part is very spacious.  This is a super-soft rayon jersey.  It’s lightweight enough to be cool, but heavy enough that it doesn’t show every last bump.   I felt a little 80’s in this, but I was also very comfortable all day.  I decided to wear it with the Yarra shrug from Universal Standard (size XL – 26/28).  I wouldn’t necessarily classify it as a shrug…it’s more like a sweater vest.  However, it’s completely different from anything else in my closet, which is why I love it.  I wish it came in more colors and perhaps a more summery fabric.  This was a little warm for the outside temperature.  It’s been summer the last two days, but it’s supposed to be winter again tomorrow.

My shoes are Crocs & my pendant is James Avery, and neither appear to be readily available.  However, I wear them both all the time.

After work, I went to get my hair cut.  It was getting on my last nerve.  Sure, it LOOKED fine.  But I could barely comb through the ends, and I believe I mentioned the alarming rate of hair product use.  Plus, I was bored.  (“I was bored” sums up a lot of hair decisions, really.)

Before pics:


The dye colors are the same, both times.  However, we did use a little lightener to brighten up the copper, and we changed how the blue & teal were arranged.  It was just in the back, but now it’s all the way around my head in three layers (copper, teal, purpley blue).   Dyes used are:

The teal is a mix of Turquoise, Atlantic Blue, and Midnight Blue.  I usually just use Turquoise and Atlantic Blue, but I was low on Atlantic Blue.

The purply-blue is a mix of Violet and Midnight Blue.

My hairstylist said she actually thinks she likes the Jerome Russell color better than Pravana Vivids.  I know *I* like it more.  The Pravana shit doesn’t even remotely stay in my hair.  It looks good for like 2 days and then it looks all weird and I end up redoing it as soon as my Amazon order arrives.

I am just glad my stylist has the patience for my mad scientist color experiments, and that she’s independent and not working for a certain beauty retailer anymore, because now I can go back to the color I like and not that crap they made her use.  If you’re local, here is her Facebook page: Amanda’s Beauty Page.

NOTE: The tee is from Think Geek and now comes in a scoop instead of v-neck.  I also put on button/zipper shorts for the first time this season yesterday, and felt the usual relief when they buttoned and zipped comfortably.  I mean, I know I haven’t really gained/lost weight since last summer, so there’s no logical reason they wouldn’t fit, but you know how it is when you haven’t worn something in a while.  My legs were hairy AF, too.  I shaved them this morning, but I missed a GIANT SPOT.  Oh well.  They’re pasty white.  Who cares.

So today, I was feeling a little sassy, and decided to bust out a dress from ASOS.



I think I originally saw this on Instagram on Chubby Struggles.  I wasn’t even sure it would still be available at ASOS, but I got lucky and they had it in a 24.  Here it is in “regular” sizes; here for petites; but sadly, it appears to be sold out in plus sizes.  Their sizes run generously, at least in the plus department, so if you’re in-between, you might get lucky.  The dress is comfortable, but it does need some pockets and it’s that shit that wrinkles…but my dryer de-wrinkle method worked this morning, so hopefully I won’t have to iron it.  We all know if it requires ironing, it’s not getting worn.  I don’t believe in ironing anymore.

It is windy AF today, so trying to get outside pictures was a little interesting.  Fortunately, I at least had on shortsderwear, so I wasn’t really going to give anyone in the parking lot a free show, but still.  I decided to use the stupid tripod to get a little better picture of the dress.  I still feel like Kathy Bates in Misery.  I do believe I’ve figured out the problem, though.  The phone bracket and remote work fine, but the tripod itself is weaksauce.  I have a similar tripod that works better, assuming I can remember where it is.  Since the phone bracket has a regular tripod connection, I should be able to stabilize the camera at a better angle.  (As it is, I have to prop it on a shelf or the TV stand, and neither of those are the best.  It’s one of those bendy tripods that look like they’re made of pop beads, so it *should* wrap around something….but if it does, then the camera is all crooked.)

Shoes are my favorite Birkenstocks:  Granada Soft Footbed. Size 41, regular width.  I’ve had these for just about 4 years, and they’re still in really good shape.  The tread is starting to wear a little, but the straps are almost pristine and the footbed is decent.  I wear these all the time – more than my Crocs, generally speaking, because they’re more comfortable over a long day.  Birks take some breaking in, but once you do…they are YOUR SHOES.  (Be warned about the Papillo ones, though – they run shorter and narrower.  Not a LOT shorter.  Just enough that your weirdo second toe hits the end funny and makes them hard to wear but if you size up they will be too long.)

Also, I really hate wearing sandals with naked toenails.  I need to figure out if I can paint my toenails without fucking it up or if I will require professional assistance.  Usually it’s the latter.  I’ve given up nails because of the maintenance – it kills me, because my fingernails won’t really grow, and I think I have ugly man hands, but it gets pricey to do all the time.  I probably will get my toes done, though.  My nail person is also the person who can wax my eyebrows correctly, and they are in need of waxing.  I’ve had the random Walmart nail people do it a few times, because otherwise I would have a unibrow that would make Frieda Kahlo envious, but my nail tech has been doing them for years and I don’t have to worry that she will give me super 90’s eyebrows or really weirdly arched eyebrows or bizarrely squared-off eyebrows.

At least wearing glasses all the time, it’s not as noticeable when they’re a little out of hand.



2 thoughts on “Only for a moment, and the moment’s gone

  1. So… I’m watching you upfront…frontwards (oh, dang, I don’t know the word but you know what I mean) and seeing you face, orange hair, ok, aham and then you turn backwards and SURPRISE you have totally different hair color 🙂 I really like the colors 🙂
    Have a good one, Antidote 🙂

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