(da ba dee)

I’m not normally one for dressy type fabrics, mostly because the upkeep is dumb. But I saw today’s dress on someone’s blog, and the OH GOD I NEED THIS switch flipped. By the time I saw it, it was almost sold out on ASOS. Fortunately, I did my usual stalking trick (add to favorites in whatever size is left, then check it every day or two to see if your size comes back in stock), and was able to score it on clearance.


Dress is by Alice & You for ASOS Curve, Size US 22.  Leggings are Universal Standard cropped leggings (23″), XL (I feel this measurement is bullshit).  Like every pair of leggings I’ve ever owned, they bag at the ankles.  This is because I have stupid little chicken legs.  However, they are incredibly comfortable and soft.  The necklace is the same one I wore yesterday.  When I got home, my new necklace had finally arrived, and honestly, I don’t really know how I have gone this long without this accessory in my life:


I discovered this necklace because the Amazing Hailey received one for Valentine’s Day (bonus points to her husband for finding this awesomeness).  If you must have your very own, you can obtain one here. (Of course you want your own.)  Sadly, this did not come until AFTER work, so I just wore my cat necklace.

My sandals are Crocs. Apparently, they only have these in a size 5 at Amazon. I am wearing a size 10. I haven’t really checked around, but they’re called the “Anna Gladiator.” They took a little breaking in…the back of the heel is kind of stiff…but now they’re very comfy and versatile.

Sadly, my fancy yet comfortable dress has one small issue…it sheds glittery little threads.  EVERYWHERE.  I’m going to have to lint-roll my chair at work or I will have Glitter Ass for the next 6 months.  I am going to have to wash it by itself, I think.  Here’s what happened to my leggings:

Sparkle, Shirley, Sparkle!

Wonder if that will wash out.  I bet I’m going to have lint roll these, too.  It’s a good thing I just bought a 4-pack.  Since I’ve been getting rid of things via Poshmark (link in sidebar), I figured I should probably remove any stray cat hair.  I’ve tried to keep the stuff away from my little furballs, but that is nearly impossible.  (I also noticed that I have to lint roll MYSELF prior to packaging things, as Zooey spends most of her free time up in my grill and thus fur transfers.)






2 thoughts on “(da ba dee)

  1. Boo to the dress shedding, but otherwise this is totally cute! I love that color on you, and of course I love the shimmery texture. I am glad those sandals and the necklace worked out for you too. 🙂
    I don’t know if they still have them out, but they also had a slide version of the Anna with criss-cross straps across the top of the foot.


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